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Key Features

conquer The Market With Investor Tools.

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Free Forever, for Everyone. $HUB Token Holders Benefit From an Evolving Suite of Additional Premium Features.

0xHub Real-Time Data
Real-Time Market Data

As an investors, you can track all tokens in available chains real time. Get up-to-date with market data and add tokens in your watchlist.

0xHub Community Vote
Community Voting

Up Vote your favourite tokens every day by logging to the platform. Every engagements and every vote boost the trending algorithm of tokens on the platform.

Real-Time Portfolio Tracking

Track your wallets and assets within the wallets real-time without connecting anywhere. Import your wallets and track all the events and activities in real time.

Team Intro

0xHub Core Team

0xHub is a project led by a team of 6 members experienced in blockchain, software, and the marketing.

Founder & CTO

Versatile Engineer Driving Crypto Tech Innovation.

Chuck Norris

Experienced DeFi Entrepreneur, Innovating Cryptocurrency Solutions.

William Crypto
Advisor & Marketing

Manager Excelling in DeFi Partnerships and Communications.

BlockChain Developer

Blockchain Specialist Enhancing DeFi Investor Experiences.

Content & Design

Seasoned Designer Bringing Creative Visions to Life.

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer, Expert on the Field of User Interfaces and Experiences.

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